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Top 7 Essential Health Care for Travelers

Who never dreamed of putting their foot on the road with only a backpack? Some people take this literally and experience a good deal of adrenaline on adventure travel. For those who like it, this is a good opportunity to recover from the stress of everyday life. However, there is something that must be taken into account: the health of the traveler.

For a trip to bring days of fun and fun, it is necessary that your health is up to date. No matter how much you care, unforeseen events can still occur. There are some measures that can be taken to reduce these possibilities to the bare minimum.

1. Check it out

While this should be an annual habit in every person’s life, it deserves special attention as we prepare for a trip.

Contrary to what many people think, a check-up is not about “looking for illness”, but trying to detect illness at the outset so that more serious episodes do not occur.

During a trip, then, in which you never know what the health system will be like, this type of occurrence can have even more disastrous consequences. Preventing is always better than cure.

2. Keep the immunization card up to date

Many people still associate vaccines with something that is very important during childhood and is no longer a concern in adulthood. This is a great trap since vaccines accompany us throughout our lives.

They become even more important when we think about getting on the road. In addition to keeping up with the regular vaccines, it is also imperative to check which vaccines are necessary for the region you are going to visit and how far in advance they should be taken.

In addition to helping to prevent local diseases, lack of a required vaccine can become a barrier to entry into the destination country. Remember to check if your destination country requires certain vaccines on immigration, and if you are traveling to another Brazilian state, check for recommended vaccines. You do not want to miss a trip that took months to be planned because of a simple vaccine, right?

3. Escape from epidemics

When it comes to business travel, there are not many options to choose from, but when it is a private trip the destination is up to the person who will live the experience.

So think it over: why travel to a region that is experiencing an epidemic of a certain disease if you can choose another location or postpone the trip?

Remember that we are already exposed to various risks at all times and it is therefore recommended to make choices that preserve the integrity of our health.

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4. Get a travel insurance

A safe trip can make all the difference. This is one of those services that you hire and hope not to use. Even if the trip does not present great risks, it is always important to guard against unexpected situations.

If you hire insurance that includes medical care and you do not have to use it, great! However, if you suffer an accident or become ill during the trip, you will see how much it is needed.

Remember that you will be in a different region than you are accustomed to, with other weather, other types of food, and in the case of trips with trails, you will still be exposed to a number of environmental factors along the way. In this case, it can be said that the probability of using the service or not is divided.

So seriously consider the option of taking a travel insurance and be as careful as possible so that you do not have to use it.

5. Beware of gastronomic experiences

It’s good to take it easy when it comes to tasting new flavors. We are not suggesting that you leave desperately looking for a Brazilian restaurant and refuse to try any different dish, but common sense should always prevail.

Always be aware of the components of the recipe (it may be that the dish you choose brings some ingredient to which you are allergic) and avoid heavy foods in the periods before hiking and extreme sports.

6. Be sure to moisturize

If in day-to-day we must drink large quantities of liquids, on an adventure trip, where the physical efforts are intense, this necessity becomes even greater. The bottle you take for a workout at the gym should be your constant companion on a trail, for example.

And speaking of water, another important point that must be considered is the origin of the liquid. Drinking contaminated water can cause diarrhea and intestinal infections. It is also necessary to avoid soft drinks and processed juices, giving preference to fruit pulp and filtered water.

7. Wear comfortable clothing

Ever imagined yourself in dark, stuffy clothes under a strong sun? And in fine clothes in the middle of winter drizzle? To avoid such situations, which result in health damage, the best thing to do is to research in advance the local climatic conditions.

In addition, the practice of sports requires light clothing and that allow free sweating of the body. No use moisturizing by drinking liquids and wearing clothes that do not allow you to stay hydrated.

The shoes should also be appropriate to the practice of sports to prevent injuries and orthopedic problems caused by impacts during the route. Ideally, you should pack your bags already thinking about your schedule during the trip, always taking into account the local climate and the activities you want to do.

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In this topic also comes the question of the chosen time. It’s no use taking a long walk in a time of intense heat or too cold. It is best to look for times of the year when the temperature is usually milder, without reaching extremes.

As you can see, packing your backpack and getting out there is not enough to guarantee an adventure trip: the health of the traveler must be a priority in all aspects. Always remember to surround yourself with the necessary care so that your experience is guaranteed with the least possibility of unforeseen possible.

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