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Top 10 Best Treks Places in the World

One of the most enjoyable parts of trekking is being able to enjoy the look around you. Being in an isolated environment of urban chaos and with a stunning nature is invigorating and charming, in addition to bringing a host of other benefits .

Want to find out where to practice trekking around the world and to know breathtaking regions? Get to know the following 10 places not to be missed!

1. Trail of the Incas (Peru)

Considered one of the most spectacular trekking trails in the world, the Inca Trail in Peru is one of the most accessible trips for Brazilians due to the proximity to our country. There are walking variations you can do, such as the Salkantay , Inca Jungle, Lares and Choquequirao trails .

But among all of them, the most famous is even the classic Inca Trail. To get there, go to Cusco and then to km 82 of the railroad that leads to Aguas Calientes. The course lasts approximately 5 days. The first few moments there can be a bit difficult and make everyone more tired, because of the altitude.

Remember to make the reservation for the tour in advance as it can only make the trail 2,500 people a day. Also, try to arrive a while before in Peru to get accustomed to the rarefied air. At the end of the trail, a present: meet Machu Picchu!

2. GR20 (France)

Also known as “Crossing of Corsica”, for being the way that leads to this French island. There are 180 km of trekking between Calenzana and Conca and it usually lasts 15 days, depending on the route you and your group decide to follow.

The trail can be started in both Calenzana and Conca. It is a very tiring course, since it involves climbs between 1000 m and 2000 m, on average. But the result is rewarding: you can be dazzled by mountains, beach regions, forests, steppes and lakes. The signage in the place is very good, besides containing several points of support by the way.

3. Zillertal Alps (Austria)

Where to practice trekking? In the Zillertal Alps, in Austria, you can find trails of all kinds, for the most varied levels of experience. The largest and most difficult of them is the Berliner Höhenweg, which is 64 km long and lasts an average of 7 days.

The Eagle Walk trail is also well known and runs through the heart of the Alps, with a unique look. It is considered one of the most paradisiacal trekking trails in the world.

4. West Coast Trail, British Columbia (Canada)

The trail that lies on the west coast of Canada was created in 1907 as a way to more easily rescue survivors from wreckage in the Vancouver Island region. Its route is 75 km and is only open between May and September, because of the snow that can decrease the safety of the trail.

There are a number of lovely landscapes, including beaches and beautiful waterfalls. At times, it is even possible to cross with bears during the trail.

5. Routeburn Track (New Zealand)

That New Zealand has a dazzling nature is nothing new. For this reason, the country is home to one of the most beautiful trails in the world: the Routeburn Track, located on the South Island of the archipelago.

The 32 km path can be done in an average of 3 and a half days and passes inside the Fiordland and Mount Aspiring parks. You will be able to see lakes, rivers, mountains and stunning waterfalls. The trail is not complex, with few gaps and obstacles.

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This is another route that should be planned as there is a limit of visitors to the trail per season. The site is well preserved due to the management of the New Zealand Department of Conservation with floors, toilets and shelter maintenance.


6. Kalalau Trail, Kauai (Hawaii)

It is a relatively small trail (35 km in total), but this definitely does not make it inferior to the others. On the contrary, it is considered one of the best trekking destinations in the world.

Despite the short distance, be careful! Because it is extremely dangerous, it is important that you consider doing it when you are really experienced in trekking. The route passes through the Nā Pali Coast, with several cliffs, stone totems, forests and rivers to the Kalalau Valley. To get there, start the trail from the Kuhio Highway.

7. Yoshida Trail (Japan)

Getting to know Mount Fuji is an extremely viable option for trekking enthusiasts. The trail is fairly quiet and relatively short: they are only 14.5 km uphill, which can be done in an average of 9 hours of walking.

The place is quite structured and you can even find cabins selling yakisoba on the way. Ideally visit the trail outside the snowy period. The months of July and August are considered as high season and thousands of tourists frequent the Yoshida Trail.

8. Route of Che (Bolivia)

The trail is quite recent, created in 2007, and goes through the path Che Guevara traveled in his last days in Bolivia before his death in an ambush by the Bolivian army.

Its beginning is in the town of Vallegrande and goes through several historical points, such as the Señor de Malta hospital, where the body was displayed to the public after the murder.

9. Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

The Everest base camp is a popular route for trekking enthusiasts from around the world. The trail begins in Lukla, Nepal, and takes about 16 days to complete.

It is worth preparing physically, since the path ends at 5500 m altitude. The route is filled with interesting places to visit such as Buddhist monasteries and a wonderful view of forests close to the trail.

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10. Grindelwald (Switzerland)

The 300 km route, located in the Alps, holds a number of wonderful landscapes for trekkers. One advantage of this destination is that it has a number of alternatives so that both beginners – with journeys with just over an hour of walking, which can even be done with the family – as well as the more experienced ones – with multi-day – can enjoy Grindelwald. Also short the village, which is quite charming!