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How to prepare backpack in Europe?

There is no doubt that to make a backpacking trip through Europe requires a lot of disposition, courage and, above all, planning. After all, it is not enough just to pack – or rather, the backpack – and go in search of a unique experience counting only on luck.

For everything to go well, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey, it is necessary to take some aspects into account. In order not to have an error, just look at some points that should be analyzed. Then, yes, it will be possible to make a backpack without worries. Follow:

Decide the destinations of your backpack travel

The European continent is big, so stop referring to your trip just as a backpacker in Europe and start to define the countries and their cities that will be visited. This attitude will help to deal with the other issues that influence the experience.

The ideal is to prepare a complete itinerary, including all the programming, from tourist points to ballads, specifying, even, the date of stay in each place. This will make your trip much easier.

With so many options available, the hard part is knowing where to start, is not it? Our recommendation is that you do not forget to include in the itinerary cities like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid.

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Check the required documentation

Another essential aspect is dealing with the necessary documentation. Some European countries do not require visas from Brazilians, such as Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. However, this does not mean that there is no bureaucracy.

Certain regions require, for example, proof of accommodation, travel insurance and a certain amount for the period of stay in the country. So before embarking on this experience, make sure that all the documentation requested by the country is at hand.

What is recommended in this context is to save the cloud files and bring authenticated copies. After all, as the popular saying goes, “insurance has died of old age.”

Search for accommodations

To ensure the tranquility of the tour, the ideal is to research in advance where to stay. To experience the intense experience offered by a backpacker travel, give preference to hostels, which, in addition to having a great value for money, also provide the possibility of making friends.

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to pay close attention to the online reservations, since, often, the photos published on the internet do not match the real space and structure. So, in order not to have a nasty surprise, try to get better. If this is the case, leave to effect the reservation in person; so you have the chance to really know the place, avoiding boring situations.

Search sites that provide location data with pricing, as well as having user reviews and ratings, such as, are extremely helpful in this regard.

If you want to camp somewhere, remember that certain areas of campsites require a reservation in advance. Therefore, carefully check all these details.

Program the mode of transportation

Just as important as checking the lodging question is to analyze the transportation alternatives for the trip. The first step is to buy the crossover area for one of the European destinations. From then on, it will be possible to use other means, such as traveling by train, taking a bus, renting a car or even taking a ride.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of the lease, then you will have to return to the agency to deliver the vehicle – which may not be as viable, depending on the distance from one city to another.

The important thing here is to already have a notion of how you will move within the foreign territory. If you want to make the most of the tour, the best option is to choose the train trip, which is a financially advantageous alternative, as well as being perfect for meeting new people and enjoying the scenery.

Gold Tip: To buy tickets from Brazil to Europe and vice versa, keep an eye on promotions websites and also on the portals of the airlines themselves, which sometimes offer lightning offers.

Get a large, comfortable and sturdy backpack
No savings at this time! Look for a backpack that really suits your needs . As the journey is long, it should be great to carry all your belongings; comfortable so it does not hurt when using it; and of course sturdy so it will not spoil or tear while traveling.

Therefore, before buying this equipment, research the options available in the market and make sure that the one chosen is really the most suitable for the moment.

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Use the intelligence to pack your luggage

It is not necessary to have ample experience with backpacking to know that less is more in this case. As you will be carrying your backpack for a long time, it is best to carry primordial items, not leaving the bag too heavy, right?

Now, to really know what to take, you need to decide the period of the trip, checking whether it will be summer, fall, spring or winter in Europe . Only then will it be possible to determine the most appropriate type of clothing.

Do not forget to bring a survival kit, which should be composed of basic remedies such as antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, analgesic and medicines for diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and poor digestion. Sunscreen, gauzes, and plasters are also important items.

To take up less space, how about taking them out of the box and tying them together to the package inserts? Believe it: they will not leave your backpack heavier and will be extremely useful for the ride.

It is important to emphasize that immigration requests the prescription of some medicines. So, to make sure you have no problem, make sure the medicines in your luggage are cleared and otherwise have the medical prescription handy.

Do not forget to bring personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.

As a good backpacker, you’ve certainly put the camera on the list too, right?

Lastly, try leaving a free space in your backpack. After all, you might want to buy some travel souvenirs, will not you?

In order to make a backpacking trip through Europe, we must pay close attention to all these aspects that we mention. Only then will your journey take place in peace. No stress and no neuros: following these tips to the letter, the fun of your ride is guaranteed.